Looking for a partner that can help you get a handle and understand all of your data? From custom data models to dashboards, to calculators, to pro-formas, and so much more? Then take a look below to see what we can offer. We are very selective and are not for everyone, so we do have a rigorous screening process. If you feel like the descriptions below sound like you and your team, then click the “Apply Now” button at the bottom and answer a few questions. If we feel like we can be of value to you and your team, then we will be in touch to setup a time to get a better understanding of your project(s).


‍A minimum of a 4.2x ROI (based on your calculations) on our fees. The lowest ROI our clients have realized is 4.2x. We will not take on your project unless we can provide you with at least a 4.2x ROI based on your calculation from things like:

  • Insights Obtained
  • Time Savings From Model Optimization
  • Opportunities Uncovered
  • Streamlined Operations
  • Custom Data Models

A world class team full of highly professional, experienced data scientists, data modeling experts, a highly responsive, and overall fun team to work with.


‍Your team understands the value of relationships. We are looking for long term partnerships. Partnerships that allow us to understand the whole problem you are dealing with when it comes to your data challenges. Your team also understands that it takes time to get an understanding of your business and to deep dive into the data and obtain insights or build custom data models is not something that happens overnight.


  • Companies/Teams that are data driven or are looking to become data driven.
  • Companies/Teams that are agile to get us the data required to be able to provide the value that we offer
  • Companies/Teams that are forward looking and ready to undertake data related


  • Companies/Teams with less than 10 employees
  • Companies/Teams that don’t believe there is value in data analytics
  • Companies/Teams that aren’t able to make decisions in a reasonable amount of time and aren’t agile

If you feel that you meet the above requirements, then just click the button below to fill out a 7 question application (takes 2 minutes). If we feel that we can provide at least a 4.2x ROI on the price of our services, then a member of our team will reach out to setup a call.