Once accepted into the program, you will have unlimited access to all of our content including images, downloadable Excel clips, descriptions, recommended hashtags, etc.


‍Our program is unlike any other because not only can you use phrases like “Dr. Winston created the course for Harvard, and wrote the book for Microsoft”, we provide ALL of the content that you will need to post. All you have to do is create very simple text overlay edits (which we teach you how to do).

$250 for every referral that converts to our consulting business. This is where the typeform is to be setup.
We will pay the commission after onboarding and invoicing the client.

30% commissions on ALL sales (up to ~$150 USD per sale) that will be paid out on day 31 (we have a 30 day, money back guarantee)

100s of videos and pieces of content, all you have to do is make simple edits that take 15-20 minutes (and less time once you get experience)

100s of images that you can post showing Excel tips/tricks

Support that will help you along the way

Fresh and new content added regularly so your posts can be up to date


‍We are looking for Brand Ambassadors that are motivated to post content regularly and interact with their followers. There is an opportunity for our Brand Ambassadors to create a large following on social media without having to create any content. We provide the videos and images for our Brand Ambassadors and all that is needed are small edits that are very easy to learn.


Motivated people that are looking to promote Excel videos on a consistent basis

Brand Ambassadors that understand that results don’t happen overnight and that it can take at least 75-100 posts to see results

Brand Ambassadors that have PayPal as that is the only way we can make payouts.



People that are not motivated to post content at least 2x a week or even more

People that are looking to see results on day 1

People that have no interest in posting content and creating the proper social profiles to push content

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! This program will work best by creating new accounts on the social platforms and start posting. Everything that you need will be provided from the raw videos to the sample descriptions. There will also be support along the way to ensure you can be successful.

Our program is designed for Brand Ambassadors that are motivated to post content. We provide hundreds of videos that you just need to make simple edits on.

We will have 1,000 videos in the near future that you can download and easily edit to post. No experience is required. In fact, we prefer you start without a social media account. The program has mini courses that teach you how to create social media accounts, make the edits, and the best way to grow those accounts.

You need to setup all your socials and submit them. The step by step guide can be found in the first email you received after applying.

We give you a referral link and if somebody clicks that link and then purchases any course, then you will get a commission.

There are many variables to this such as how often do you post, the quality of your edits, etc. Once you make a sale, we will make the payout on day 31 to your PayPal account.

Email us at ba@excelwithwayne.com and we can review and create the content for you.

You can create any name that you want, but it would be best to use words like Excel, Analytics, and/or Data in your user name. We have a sample list of socials that you can use here. Also, please watch the video below.

We payout via PayPal on day 31. The reason for this is because we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. You must have a PayPal account as that is the only way we can make the payouts.

Yes, you can create your own content, but would be good to be consistent with the other posts.

Once you are accepted into the program, you will get a personalized dashboard. You can preview it in the video below.

No, everything is 100% free. It just takes time to edit and post the content. The software used to edit the videos is 100% free.

The requirements are that you need to have the different socials. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube are required. Other platforms like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, etc are optional.

You will also need to have a Linktree account (free) and it will need to be setup like this one. (You can change the colors)

The referral commission is $250 for every consulting client and 30% of ALL course sales (up to ~$180 per sale).

We use a third party for all of the affiliate tracking. We use the gold standard in the industry and it is called AffiliateWP. You can see the website here. *Notice that on their homepage, the dashboard is the same dashboard as the video in the question above.