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Todays world is awash with data and to function in the corporate world you need to know how to describe and analyze data.

In this course you will learn how to describe data, understand relationships between variables, use data for forecasting, and use data to improve product quality.

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Analyzing and Transforming Data – Data Manipulation (1 Hour 48 Minutes)
Who are the best coaches in NBA history? How can we describe US car sales? In this video you will find the answers.

Making Sense of Data Part One – Data Analytics Concepts (1 Hour 46 Minutes)
In this lesson, we discuss many important dataanalytics concepts including descriptive statistics and A/B testing.

Making Sense of Data Part Two – Understanding Current Events with Data Analysis (1 Hour 46 Minutes)
In this lesson, we discuss the data needed to understand many current events including interpreting polls, the effectiveness of the COVID vaccine, and randomized controlled trials.

Correlation and Regression – Correlation, Trend Curve, andRegression (1 Hour 44 Minutes)
In this video you will learn how to use correlation, regression, and the Excel Trend Curve to model relationships between two variables.

Multiple Regression – Using Multiple Regression to Model Relationships (1 Hour 45 Minutes)
In this video we show how to use multiple regression to model the relationships between multiple variables.

Logistic Regression – Finding Answers Using Logistic Regression (1 Hour 48 Minutes)
How do we estimate the chance a person will buy our product? How did NASA know (and did nothing) that the Challenger was likely to crash? The answer lies with logistic regression!

Corporate Forecasting – Commonly Used Forecasting Techniques (1 Hour 47 Minutes)
Corporations need good forecasts to improve their performance. In this video we explore many commonly used forecasting techniques.

Advanced Predictive Analytics – Predictive Analytics with Regression (1 Hour 54 Minutes)
This video covers more advanced topics in regression, commonly known as econometrics.

Resampling – Hypothesis Testing with Resampling (1 Hour 51 Minutes)
In this video you will learn a unified approach to testing hypotheses about data.

Statistical Process Control – Statistical Process Control and Six Sigma (1 Hour 48 Minutes)
In this video we show how you can use Excel to enhance your processes.

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Best Course I've Taken


Best professor I’ve ever had. I’d take him for anything and think he could teach anything, but Decision modeling in spreadsheets was the best, most relevant (for a finance major like me at least) class I had as an MBA student. Hope you are well Professor Winston!

Todd Williams

Perfect Course!


Im on day 4 and already feeling more knowledgeable and empowered!

Jeff Skirvin

Amazing & Useful Content


Ive enjoyed the training very much. Ive been using excel for many years, but with Waynes training, Ive been able to do things quicker which saves me time and allows me to complete my projects faster. I recommend this training. Its awesome. Thanks Wayne.

Luis Arroyo

Frequently asked questions
Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes! If you finish at least 50% of the course within the first 60 days and aren't 100% satisfied, we will issue a 100% money back gaurantee, no questions asked.

How long Will I have access to the course?

How does forever sound? All of our courses offer lifetime access. So just invest in yourself once, and have the course forever.

Are the files included in the course?

Yes! Once you enroll, you can download any of the files. The before and after files are included in the course which will help you follow along easily. Please note that the videos can not be downloaded.

Can I make monthly payments?

Currently we only have lifetime plans.

How up to date is the course?

We add new content regularly. So as they are released, we will make new content covering the functions. These updates are included in the lifetime access.

Is this course right for me?

The Data Analytics course is built from Dr. Winstons more than 40 years of teaching at the most prestigious universities as well as Dr. Winstons lifes work and covers all things data analytics and Excel. Dr. Winston has over 40 years of experience teaching at the top universities and Fortune 500 companies in the world. Take a look above at the course outline to see EXACTLY what you will learn.