Basic Formulas – Index, Match, and Lookups

$79.00 / year

Course Overview:

This course covers basic formulas in Excel. It covers everything from order of operations (PEMDAS), to the differences between VLOOKUPs and INDEX/MATCH.  Through a variety of interesting examples, you will learn about good spreadsheet modeling practices and discover how easy it to turn a blank spreadsheet into a polished final product that solves an interesting business problem. This course will get even the novice Excel user ready to master advanced Excel topics.

Key Topics:

  • Understand how Excel uses absolute references vs. relative references
  • Understand how to lookup values with HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP
  • Learn how to do lookups from multiple worksheets and multiple columns
  • Know the benefits of using nested functions such as INDEX/MATCH/LARGE
  • How to use the MATCH function to find the most recent dates of an occurrence.
  • Learn how to transform a basic statement of a business problem into a spreadsheet that solves the business problem.

Who Will Benefit?

Any professional that uses Microsoft Excel and wants to create a solid foundation.


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