Advanced Solver

$129.00 / year

Course Overview:

This course covers advanced solver. In it you will learn the different types of solver models. Models such as Simplex LP (Linear) , GRG (Nonlinear) , and Evolutionary.

Key Topics:

  • Learn how Simplex LP can be used to find the optimal solution
  • Learn how GRG can be used to smooth nonlinear optimization problems
  • Learn how the Evolutionary solver can find the optimal solution to non-smooth, nonlinear optimization problems. This includes optimization models involving functions such as IF, COUNTIF, SUMIF, COUNTIFS, SUMIFS, AVERAGEIF, and AVERAGEIFS.
  • How to assign workers to jobs using the evolutionary solver
  • How to schedule production of products
  • How to estimate elasticities using GRG Multistart
  • How to use the Evolutionary Solver for Cluster Analysis
  • How to use the Evolutionary Solver to resolve process bottlenecks

Who Will Benefit?

Any professional that uses Microsoft Excel and wants to learn how to optimize processes with the different Excel Solver Models.


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