$79.00 / year

Course Overview:

This course covers the powerful charting features in Excel. To master charting you need to master a “bag of Excel charting tricks.”  If you want to learn how to visualize your data, then this is the course for you.

Key Topics:

  • How to create a combination chart with a secondary axis
  • Learn about the different options for handling missing data
  • Adding pictures to column charts
  • How to add data labels and tables
  • Creating Dynamic Chart Labels
  • Using Check Boxes and Chart Dashboards to control which series and which data points are shown in a chart.
  • Creating Dynamic Histograms
  • How a column chart can be used for sorted data
  • How to place a vertical line in a chart
  • How to quickly implement sparklines to summarize a row or column of data with a chart in a single cell.

Who Will Benefit?

Any professional that uses Microsoft Excel and needs to visualize their data.