Conditional Counts and Sums

$69.00 / year

Course Overview:

This course covers Conditional Counts and Sums. You will learn how to sum, average, and count a column based on criteria from a different column or multiple different columns, helping you become more efficient with your time.

Key Topics:

  • Learn how to use the conditional counts (COUNTIF and COUNTIFS), average (AVERAGEIF and AVERAGEIFS), and sum (SUMIF and SUMIFS) functions in Excel.
  • Learn how to sum with duplicate values
  • Learn database statistical functions such as DGET, DCOUNT, DSUM, and DAVERAGE
  • How to use the advanced filter to extract a subset of data
  • How to use subtotals to summarize data.

Who Will Benefit?

Any professional that uses Microsoft Excel and needs to run reports that help summarize data. By learning the conditional formulas, you will be able to simplify dashboards and reports.