Offset and Indirect Functions

$79.00 / year

Course Overview:

This course covers the very powerful Offset and Indirect functions. These two functions will help you manipulate data and perform lots of “spreadsheet magic.”

Key Topics:

  • Learn what the OFFSET function is and the value of it
  • Learn how to use OFFSET instead of VLOOKUP when the lookup value is in the right column and not the left
  • How to use OFFSET, MATCH, and INDEX to analyze imported data from a PDF
  • How to create a dynamic range with OFFSET
  • Learn what the INDIRECT function is and the value of the function.
  • How to use the INDIRECT formula to copy formulas involving Range Names
  • How to use INDIRECT to nest a drop down box where the entries in the second drop-down depend on the values from the first drop-down
  • How to use the INDIRECT function to quickly combine data from multiple worksheets  into a summary location

Who Will Benefit?

Any professional that uses Microsoft Excel.