Advanced Excel and Analytics Course

Advanced Excel and Analytics Course

$57.00 / year

Course Overview:
If you have been using Excel for a while and struggled to accomplish some things your job requires and/or you want to learn a lot about the “analytics revolution”, then this course is for you. We cover advanced functions such as GETPIVOTDATA, OFFSET, and the INDIRECT function.

With regards to analytics, we cover all Excel statistical functions, the Excel Solver including the advanced Evolutionary Solver and GRG Multistart Engines, Monte Carlo Simulation, Multiple Regression, Logistic Regression, Classification, and Forecasting.


  • 26 Hours
  • 500+ Files
  • Nearly 250 videos
  • Includes content from 20+ other courses
  • Syllabus

Who Will Benefit?
Any professional that uses Microsoft Excel and wants to become more efficient with their time.