Step By Step Guide For Setting Up Everything For The Brand Ambassador Program

The first step is to come up with a name and a logo. To get an idea of some names, you can visit this page and watch this video.

The next step is to create a logo for all the social media sites. There are several free logo designer websites, and this video explains how to create your logo for free.

Linktree is required for the BA program, and it’s free to setup an account. This video shows how to setup an account, and this profile is how you should set up yours.

You should setup your linktree to look exactly like the one in the link above. The wording should be the same (we will give you the links once you are accepted into the program).

*Please note that you can choose your own colors and if you want to use the Excel colors, the code is #0F7A43.

YouTube is required for the BA program and you can learn how to setup an account here. You can also learn how to setup your YouTube Handle here.

Having a custom YouTube handle is very important and will help you stand out.

Also, this video will help show you how to upload videos on YouTube.

TikTok is required for the BA program and you can learn how to setup a TikTok account here.

You can also learn how to upload content on TikTok by watching this video.

Instagram is required for the BA program. This video explains how to setup an account.

Also, this video explains how to post content in Instagram.

Facebook is also required for the BA program and you can learn how to setup a Facebook business page in this video.

Also, this video shows how to add content to your business page.

Other social accounts such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc can be setup, and this page shows how to setup these accounts and upload content to them.

They are not required for the BA program, but are highly recommended as they can bring a lot of new referrals for you and higher commissions.

Once you have successfully created the social accounts with the proper settings, then submit them to us by replying to any of the emails you have received from us or by emailing us at

Don’t forget to submit your Linktree account as well as your socials.

Once we receive all of your socials, we will review everything to make sure that it meets our guidelines.

If we need any revisions, we will let you know and if everything is good to go, then we will setup your account.

Once approved we will send you your affiliate links. You will need to make sure that you use these exact links for all of your social accounts, but using them in your Linktree account will ensure that they are always used.

This video shows exactly how to use these links.

The final step to start the BA program is to login. We will give you all of the login information and course tutorials to help you navigate the course.